Gain insight into case studies from leading international companies, join our virtual round-table discussions, interactive sessions and networking halls in this 2-day exclusive event for automotive Acoustics & Vibration - NVH experts.

Following topics will be covered among others:

Drivetrain acoustics & NVH in chassis, powertrain and body engineering

  • Measurement analyses and faster calculation methods
  • Optimal solutions and efficient processes for accurate vibro-acoustic predictions
  • Overcoming noise issues related to rails, injectors and turbochargers
  • Tyre dynamics, tyre noise reduction & mitigation
  • Solutions to minimize rattle and squeak in vehicles

Autonomous Driving – Dynamic Comfort and NVH Considerations with the AI Driver

  • Motion comfort and NVH considerations in a robot-taxi
  • Fundamentals of motion and vibration comfort
  • The integration of motion and vibration comfort in the path planning algorithm
  • Application of active systems to enhance motion comfort and road induced NVH
  • Better ride experience possibilities with the AI driver

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Wind-Noise radiation from Side Glass and Wind Shield

  • Full vehicle CAA
  • Wind-tunnel testing
  • Noise generation mechanism
  • Glass vibration
  • Radiation and transmission

Design of Advanced Pedestrian Alert Systems

  • Vehicle sounds and the requirements for socially vulnerable groups
  • Minimising environmental noise pollution
  • Intelligent alert systems and alternative solutions

Simulation of Audio Enhanced Journeys using Virtual Reality

  • Recording of journeys using 360 degree camera and soundfield microphone.
  • Playback of virtual journeys using a VR headset.
  • Playback of virtual journeys in the listening room.
  • Experiences of multi-modal subjective testing in the laboratory.
  • Future developments.

Audio Augmented Journeys

  • Demonstration: Bentley uses artificial intelligence to compose soundtrack to match driving style
  • The first application of ‘adaptive music’ in the automotive industry, in partnership with LifeScore
  • First steps of innovation to provide a more immersive driving experience
  • Recorded in full sphere surround sound at the world famous Abbey Road Studios
  • Sound bank library delivers more than 100 billion unique musical experiences

Is 100% Analytical Prototype Possible from an NVH perspective

  • Many physical prototypes are produced by automotive companies
  • How to achieve ‘zero’ physical prototypes in terms of NVH?
  • What are the limits of CAE applications?
  • Is it possible to use only analytical methods for NVH sign off?
  • Computational cost & time of CAE vs physical prototype cost & time

Lightweight versus Advanced NVH Performance

  • Does lightweight and durability go hand In hand?
  • Cost and efficiency under consideration
  • NVH and business considerations when choosing a supplier
  • Important NVH parameters in customers’ purchasing decision

Source-Path-Receiver investigation on high Frequency Propulsion Noise Propagation in Electric Vehicles

  • High frequency propulsion noise for Electric Vehicles
  • Air-borne and structure-borne noise propagation
  • Parasitic paths
  • Classical Transfer Path Analysis
  • Operational Transfer Path Analysis

Personalization of Vehicle Sound

  • To what extent should the vehicle user be able to choose the vehicle sound?
  • Should the vehicle sound be controlled by the manufacturer?
  • Should the user be able to download 3rd party apps to change the vehicle sound?
  • Should the vehicle sound be controlled e.g. by a mobile device?
  • Should permissions be different for interior and exterior sound?

Virtual Tour of Salford University Laboratories

The University of Salford’s Acoustic Laboratories include a fully anechoic chamber, semi-anechoic chamber, transmission suite, reverberation chamber and listening room. Although situated within the University and used for teaching the laboratories are also used for ISO standard measurements of sound absorption, transmission loss and sound power as well as for bespoke testing. A virtual tour of the labs will be provided giving all delegates to look around the chambers, view demos and to meet our engineers for questions.

Key Aspects of the Aeroacoustic Development of the New Audi Q4 e-tron

  • Side view mirror optimization
  • Optimization of underbody battery shield
  • Numerical methods
  • Interconnection with aerodynamics